On-Site Imaging Services

We offer x-ray and bone denisity scans
On-Site X-ray and Bone Density

Our X-ray Facility

Needing an x-ray? Our on-site facility licensed by the Oregon Health Authority allows us to take many of the x-rays you might need in a timely fashion. This means your ordering physician can determine your course of treatment quickly. We offer a variety of x-rays including those of the skull, spine, chest, ribs, abdomen,and upper as well as lower extremities. Please be aware that some x-rays may need to be performed at an outside facility due to vairious factors that might arise.

Our Bone Density Facility

We offer Dexa Scans (also referred to as bone density scans) to assist your provider in diagnosing and treating osteoporosis. Bone density scans are generally performed on patients over the age of 65 or those who might be at high risk for osteoporosis due to their health history. Our bone density facility is licensed throught the Oregon Health Authourity. Bone density clinics are generally held once a month.